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Festival Fun at Cropredy 2015

Long time readers of this blog will probably know that each year the family and I attend Fairport’s Cropredy Convention, a folky music festival held in the tiny village of Cropredy, Oxfordshire organised by, you guessed it, the band Fairport Convention. To be perfectly honest we don’t really go for the music but there are usually a couple of acts that we like and we usually discover a few new enjoyable ones along way. For example this year a few of the highlights were The Proclaimers, Toyah Willcox, and some of the new ones we enjoyed were Ahab and Katzenjammer.

You might be wondering what exactly we do at a music festival for 3 days when we aren’t really there for the bands, and it’s quite simple – plonk a chair down, open a drink, and chill. Take it easy. Maybe do a bit of shopping. Maybe have another drink. We always have a great time, even when it’s cold and raining for 2 days like this year.

cropredy 2015

This year for the first time I took along my camera and tried to capture some of the fun. I did work really hard on putting the video together and trying to capture the atmosphere of the festival. Obviously I couldn’t film everything but I think this is a small glimpse into our time at Cropredy 2015.


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