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hayley mary

I haven’t done any of this kind of drawing in quite a while (years even) and I don’t know what possessed me to pick up the pencil once again, but I’m glad I did. The Jezabels frontwoman, Hayley Mary is a beautifully stunning lady with such a striking image and I loved attempting to draw her.

My first attempt, above, is done using soft pastels which can be quite messy and I probably could have done with making the drawing slightly bigger to get the most out of the pastels and polish off the finer details, but it was just about manageable (the piece of paper is A5). I added the red lipstick as it is such a key feature of Hayley’s image that I couldn’t leave it out, and I love the flash of colour it provides.

My second drawing, below, is just a simple pencil sketch of one of my favourite photos of Hayley on stage. After I started drawing it I again wished I had done it bigger so I could have used the pastels, which I much prefer over pencil, but it is far too small so I carried on with just a pencil which kept it a bit lighter compared to the high contrast of a pastel drawing. It took a long time to get the jacket right because the whole outfit is jet-black and it was difficult to define each area (like the lapels) but after much tweaking I’m pretty pleased with how it’s ended up.

hayley mary the jezabels



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