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Delays, Live in Bristol

2014 is turning out to be a very good year for gigging. First The Jezabels, then two amazing MSP shows, last night we had the Delays, next week is Echo And The Bunnymen, and then more Jezabels in the summer! How very lovely for my eyes and ears to be treated so well this year.

delays live in bristol

It has been 10 years since I last saw Delays at the Isle Of Wight festival soon after the release of their first album, Faded Seaside Glamour. They have released several other albums since then but I never managed to catch them on tour again. So I was pretty thrilled to find out recently that they were setting off on a 10th anniversary Faded Seaside Glamour tour and luckily for me the first date of the tour was Bristol.

The afternoon started with some quite refreshing cider drinking, randomly enough sat in a teepee set up in Queen Square, which was handily very close to the venue. The weather was being very indecisive with bursts of sunshine followed by clouds and rain so it was good to be able to sit kind of inside and outside at the same time (if you see what I mean), rather than just hiding in the corner of a pub somewhere.

queen park bristol

The concert itself started with one of the worst support bands I have ever had the misfortune to encounter, but a trip to the bar soon soothed my annoyance. One thing I like about Thekla for gigs is that bands usually come on nice and early, so there’s no hours of standing and waiting around. Delays appeared a little after 8:30pm and began with a complete play through of their debut album which was a real treat. Obviously even though this is a 10th anniversary tour of that album they can’t end without playing some fan favourites from other albums, which happily they did.
The crowd was wonderfully lively and the band really promoted crowd interaction and helped everyone enjoy themselves. I got the feeling that the fans and the band were just really glad to be seeing each other again.

delays live bristol thekla

The night ended on an even bigger high as I once again snagged myself a setlist, but after grabbing a quick word with a roadie he very kindly took it backstage and got it signed for me! Happy days.

delays setlist bristol


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