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The Jezabels Cross Stitch

Two things may be obvious to those familiar with reading Through The Magic Door. I love cross stitch, and I love The Jezabels. So it may not come as much of a shock to discover that I have combined these two things to create a Jezabels cross stitch!

jezabels cross stitch

I created the design from scratch, which was a fun process. It took several drafts before the final design was made clear, though, and I struggled most with their various hair styles. Hayley (far left) has had a very distinctive style for the past few years but has recently been changing it up so at first I wasn’t sure which way to go but in the end it was determined simply by what I could manage to create using so few stitches that looked most like her actual hair. The same applied to Nik (far right), who has floppy, curly hair which I worried wouldn’t lend itself so well to cross stitch but I do love how it turned out.

Their outfits came from a quick scan of some band photos and are mostly based off this one –

the jezabels

The actual stitching didn’t take that long, although I did do it in stages with some breaks in between so it was a couple of weeks before it was completed. I think it could easily be done in one afternoon though, if you really wanted to.

jezabels cross stitch

I am very pleased with how the finished piece looks but the highlight of this whole project has been the response from the band and from the fans. After posting a photo of the cross stitch to The Jezabels I was unexpectedly thrilled to discover the band had featured it on their Facebook page and so far it has received over 1,100 Likes and some very lovely comments from other fans.
I am slightly overwhelmed and incredibly happy 🙂 Thanks guys 🙂


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