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Mind. Blown. The Jezabels, Live in Bristol

It is 3am as I write this, having just returned from getting my mind blown in Bristol by the wonder that is The Jezabels.

I have been a fan of the band for several years, and was lucky enough to see them support Depeche Mode last year in London. So it was my delight to discover soon after that gig that The Jezabels would be embarking on their own tour in 2014, and I snapped up tickets right away.

To go from seeing them perform in front of 20,000 people at the O2 arena to just a few hundred at The Fleece in Bristol was quite an experience. And a truly wonderful one, at that. I thought they filled the big stage at the O2 well and was mesmerised for their entire set, but seeing them in a vastly scaled down venue, on a small stage with a distance no more than a couple of feet between the audience and the band, will be something I never forget.  As I said at the top of the page, my mind was blown.

the jezabels live

The songs. The sound. The performance. Everything.

It has easily made my Top 5 gigs of all time (that list can be saved for a future blog post).

The set was a beauty of fan favourites and new delights. My personal highlights being Look Of Love, and Hurt Me.  I had been worrying for weeks in the run-up to the gig that due to the time of the last train home (23:06pm) that I would miss the last couple of songs (this has happened before) and I wouldn’t get the chance to pick up a setlist at the end like I always try to do. Luckily for me on this occasion I managed to catch the whole set! Yay! I would have been heartbroken otherwise. And I even managed to get that all important piece of paper to add to my collection…

the jezabels live

If you have never heard The Jezabels before why not press play on the following video and give your ears a treat!


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