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More Random Than Usual

My recent cross stitchings have been slightly more random than my usual creations – and that is saying something!

It felt like I hadn’t done any cross stitch for an age when I picked up the needle again a couple of weeks ago, and it was about time I got stuck back into it. Why I chose to do that with a Tardis I will never know, but it worked and I caught the bug again.

doctor who tardis cross stitch

Next was a bit of Tetris and a feeling I am sure we have all felt many times playing this game (and in life in general?).

tetris cross stitch

I guess my random streak was slightly contagious as I was then requested to stitch Optimus Prime (who? was my first thought) and that was actually a lot of fun. I had to doodle and draw him out several times but from my limited knowledge I think he turned out okay. This was also the first piece I had done which I entirely outlined with back-stitch, and it made a huge difference to the final appearance.

optimus prime cross stitch

Next on my cross stitch agenda are pin-badges!


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