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Bottle Cap Table Mosaic

After making my first bottle cap mosaic (which is now in my backyard), I still had lots of caps left and decided to use them to decorate a boring old table in my living room.

bottle cap table mosaic

Like the first mosaic these caps are stuck down with hot glue, which works great – apart from the endless finger burning part – and holds them in place very securely.

As I started playing around with the design I realised that although I had masses of bottle caps, there wasn’t quite enough colour variation to cover the whole table top, so I ended up leaving some space around the edges which I will add to when I can get my hands on some new colours. Leaving this gap also means I haven’t yet been able to do the grout, but I’m getting kind of used to it as is and may leave that step out in the end anyway.

I’m not sure exactly how this will last, in terms of rust and dust etc, but it looks good for now, I got the bottle caps for free, and it gave me something to do for a day so I can’t complain.

bottle cap table mosaic


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