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Homemade Pasta

One of the great things about Exeter Baking Club is that it gives people (including me) the opportunity to make things that you wouldn’t necessarily make at home by yourself. One of these things is pasta, which is what we tackled a few days ago.

And it really was simplicity itself. Some flour and eggs in a big mound on the table – mix it together – roll it out – voila! And it was delicious (I cooked my batch up that evening in a tuna pasta bake).

exeter baking club

I don’t know why pasta isn’t something we all make at home ourselves more often. It is very easy to just pour a packet of dried store-bought into a pot but whipping up a batch (especially if you use a processor and pasta machine – which we didn’t, by the way) takes hardly no time at all and gives a much more satisfying feeling when later tucking into a meal.

exeter baking club

The recipe we used was 600g of ’00’ flour and 6 large eggs. Thoroughly mix until a dough forms and then knead until silky and smooth, and has good elasticity. Leave to rest for 15 minutes. Roll out (or use a pasta machine) until very thin and then cut into desired shapes.

exeter baking club


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