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Cropredy 2013

Every year towards the beginning of August the family gets together, loads up the cars with booze and heads off down the motorway (with an inevitable breakdown along the way) for a long weekend at the Fairport Cropredy Convention. A laid back festival held in the Oxfordshire countryside.

the family

There is always lots of eating, lots of drinking, and lots of giggles. Sometimes we even enjoy sunshine, but that normally ends badly for me. Last year I fell asleep with my hand on my face and awoke with a lovely big sunburnt hand print. This year I had flowers painted on my face for one of the days and awoke the next morning to find the paint had acted as sunblock and the flower shapes still there (and they’re still here a week later)!


This year was especially memorable as on the first night non-other than the legend that is Alice Cooper was headlining. Mum and I headed down to the front for his set and it was a magnificent show (apart from the bit where I got punched). It was a real spectacle with magic tricks, big monsters, and great costumes. I even got a set list at the end and a couple of Alice Cooper 100 dollar bills he threw into the crowd.

alice cooper

During the weekend we also enjoyed the musical talents of Nik Kershaw and discovered a few other bands we hadn’t heard of before. We giggled at (very fat) men dressed as power rangers, danced in the pub garden, did plenty of shopping around all of the stalls, and I even crossed a few pints off my 25×25 challenge list.

Bring on next year.

cropredy 2013

cropredy 2013


2 comments on “Cropredy 2013

  1. Nina Fenner
    August 14, 2013

    looks fab, and what wonderful weather

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