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Bottle Cap Mosaic

This one has been in the planning stages for quite a while, but last week I finally made the first bottle cap mosaic.

bottle cap mosaic

This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of many wonderful people collecting their bottle caps for me, and an extra special mention and thank you goes out to The Prospect Inn, who collected all their bottle caps for me over several weeks, without which this project would still be far off starting.

This first mosaic was a big learning curve, and I began not really knowing how to go about it. Some things worked, some things did not, but it all means that my next attempt (because I still have lots of bottle caps remaining and am planning on decorating a table top) will hopefully be niggle free.

The caps are stuck down using hot glue (which I haven’t used in many, many years and my poor finger tips felt the brunt of this inexperience), which worked perfectly and stuck the caps down very firmly. Originally I had then planned on covering the whole thing in some kind of resin, but it turns out that this is not easily available and so I thought I’d improvise and covered the whole thing in pva glue. Mistake. Nearly all of the glue ran off and the clumps that remained went a slightly weird colour. Well, you live and learn. Next time I plan to grout the entire thing.

bottle cap mosaic

Should I add at this point that whilst taking the photos for this blog post, the mosaic fell off the table and was ever so slightly injured? Oops.


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