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An Evening Of Pie Pops

After many requests for it and after much planning tonight was finally the night of Exeter Baking Club’s first evening meeting! And it was a crazy one. 20 people all in one room, with one little oven, making mountains of pie-pops. Amazing. And a lot of fun.

We had delicious homemade fillings, very delicious snacks (Jen you are brilliant), and even a spot of wine. Wine and baking, excellent combo. Jen’s handmade maple leaf cookie cutter put my mini cookie cutter attempts to shame, and everyone got creative with their pie-pop shapes – we had lots of lovely hearts and flowers and smiley faces (and even a pair of boobs). They all turned out brilliantly.

exeter baking club

A massive thank you to everyone who came, you all made me very happy I decided to finally go for it and arrange an evening event. A special huge massive thank you to Alison for helping me carry everything and set up, and to Teri-Ann for helping me tidy everything away. Literally could not have done it without you.

Please check out the Exeter Baking Club Facebook page for lots more photos.

exeter baking club


2 comments on “An Evening Of Pie Pops

  1. Nina Fenner
    July 2, 2013

    looks like great fun, are you going to show us the boobs then!!?

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