Through The Magic Door

Distractions aplenty


A few weeks ago when the sun decided to briefly show its face and we enjoyed a few days of glorious weather, I sat in my garden and started to doodle. I just wanted something to do as I attempted to soak up as much of the rays as possible. It was too bright to do any cross stitch and I didn’t have a good book on hand, so I doodled.


I have written previously about the kind of doodles I like to do, but it’s been a while since I’ve done any. I don’t really know what I was thinking as I did these ones. They all kind of have a similar theme and recurring shapes and patterns, which is purely down to my lack of imagination. The pen I was using wasn’t ideal either (a laundry marker!) but I do like how they have turned out. I think the second one is my favourite. The last doodle was meant to have more added to it but my pen ran out so I left it as is.


Doodling like this can be very relaxing and a real head-clearer. Proven by the fact that I became so absorbed in what I was doing, totally forgot my surroundings and ended up as pink as a lobster from sitting in the sun so long! Oops. I thrive on tasks that make time fly though, so I didn’t mind paying the price for having a day pass by quickly.



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