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Exeter Baking Club makes Pretzels

Today at Exeter Baking Club we tried our hand at making soft pretzels. I don’t think any of us had made them before and it was a lot of fun.

exeter baking club

The recipe we used came from Sally’s Baking Addiction (.com) although with a couple of small changes. The first one being the yeast. I couldn’t find packets of active yeast as the recipe calls for so we used fast acting dried yeast and simply mixed it with the flour and other dry ingredients before adding the water. They rose perfectly in the oven so I think the substitution was fine.

We also did not roll the dough out to 20 inch ropes, and this was probably a small mistake. We thought 20 inches sounded very very long and probably only rolled out to half that. The pretzels looked the perfect shape but they were slightly doughy in texture when being eaten and it was then we realised it would have been better to roll the dough out longer and thinner, and to make bigger pretzels. Apologies Sally’s Baking Addiction, we should have trusted you.

exeter baking club

We sprinkled our pretzels with either normal sea salt or a delicious vanilla salt, and they were very tasty indeed.


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