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Polka Dot Cake

You know that moment when you see something on the internet and you think “I should try and make that”, whether it be something crafty or something food related, that can be a very dangerous thing to say. And if you are a user of Pinterest you can find yourself saying this very often.

That’s exactly what happened with me and this polka dot cake. I spied it on Pinterest and with the excuse of Exeter Baking Club’s 1st birthday I decided to make it.

Of course, it didn’t turn out like the perfect cake in the original photograph with its perfect layers, and perfect multicoloured cake balls. But I have to say, it is not the worst cake I’ve ever made.

There were many trying moments whilst making this cake, first off being my cake balls silicone tray. Not good. Half of the things didn’t even come out in the right shape! Instead of the cake rising out of the holes in the top of the mould, it just spread inside the mould and I had to do much trimming with a pair scissors to get the nice ball-shapes that are needed.

polka dot cake

Then later whilst icing the cake, I accidentally dropped it off the cake stand and onto the kitchen counter (not the floor thankfully). My perfectly lined up layers and smooth buttercream were maimed. I didn’t have time to get them back to their original state so I decided decoration could be my saviour and I whipped out the tubes of Smarties. I think they distracted the eye very nicely from the flaws underneath.

polka dot cake

Once the cake was sliced I discovered that by some weird fluke I had managed to line the same coloured cake balls up in each layer. So each slice had the same colour dots in each layer. What are the chances?!

polka dot cake


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