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Hub On The Green Cross Stitch

When I realised I was becoming slightly addicted to cross stitch, I decided it couldn’t be like what happens whenever I paper quill something – I end up just putting it on a shelf never to be seen again. So I decided I would always make something either practical (like my Pac-Man phone cover) or little gifts for people.

The Hub On The Green logo was a challenge I set myself a couple of weeks ago when I decided I wanted to try and create my own cross stitch pattern from scratch and needed something to work from, and as it is an image I come into contact with almost every single day it popped straight into my head. It also fits into my category of being able to give away as a gift when it was done. Perfect.

Creating the pattern was more tricky than expected. But after a few afternoons sat working on it in cafes (and some ever so slight help from a computer program) I thought it was as close as I was ever going to get.

The actual stitching only took a couple of days and I am pretty pleased with how it’s turned out. I also made the hanger myself and I’d say that was surprisingly more awkward to make than anything else!

hub on the green cross stitch


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