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pacman iphone case

I love my cross stitch phone case, and I did like the previous Super Mario 1Up design I had on it, but I made one big mistake in using white cotton. Filthy. It doesn’t look good.

So I decided to create something new and unpicked the whole thing (I say “unpicked” but I actually just butchered it with a craft knife until the stitches fell out!). I’ve now stitched a Pac-Man design on to it, which I think looks better against the black background of the case. Stitching it was a total pain though because for some reason the yellow thread kept snapping and fraying. Very annoying. Due to that the stitch quality is not all that great and they do not all cross over in the same direction, which I wouldn’t be happy with normally but I was losing patience and in the end, who’s going to notice anyway?

To tie in with the theme I also downloaded a Pac-Man wallpaper!

pac man wallpaper


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