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You Can’t Take The Yarn From Me

In 2002 Fox aired a brilliant, magnificent television series called Firefly, which they then unforgivingly cancelled. But thanks to scores of passionate fans (aka Browncoats) Firefly has been anything but forgotten.

One way to spot a Browncoat from a mile off is by the unmistakable orange glow of a Jayne Hat. Worn by the character Jayne in one episode of the series, the hat has become a symbol of Firefly fandom and people have been making and selling them for years.

Screenshot of Jayne wearing his hat

Actor Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb

But now, after all this time, Fox has decided it wants to claim the Jayne Hat all for itself and has issued Cease And Desist notices to several hat makers.

The Browncoat world is not happy. The stars of the show are not happy. Even online stores selling a licensed version of the hat are not happy.

Luckily for Browncoats, free patterns for the Jayne Hat are available online. So if you can knit, or know someone else who can, a Jayne Hat is still within your grasp.

And luckily for me, my wonderful mum knows how to knit…and she knitted me this very cunning hat….

jayne hat


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