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Paper Quilled Elvis

This may sound kind of random, but this paper quilled Elvis is actually a Mother’s Day present.

Since I started paper quilling I have been spreading the quilling bug to several people, my Mum being one of them. Because of her interest I thought it would be fun to make her a little something for Mother’s Day. I thought about doing something that said ‘Mum’ in the design but then the Elvis idea came to me and I thought that would be funnier.

I should add at this point that her nickname is Elvis. Long story.

Anyway, I did a quick google for an Elvis cartoon (sorry, I can’t take credit for coming up with that bit) and I was all set.

This has definitely been the most difficult thing I’ve quilled so far, purely because of how accurate the outline had to be. It was very fiddly to get everything in place and I shot myself in the foot by making it quite small (it’s only about 4 inches tall). I’m really happy with it though and I hope Mum will be too.

paper quilled elvis


One comment on “Paper Quilled Elvis

  1. Really cute!

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