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Cinnamon Cupcakes

cinnamon cupcakes

As is becoming all too frequent on this blog, this post is another “I couldn’t sleep, so this happened…” story.

It was 4am, I had been wide awake all night and was getting very bored with lying in bed, especially as my phone had died and I couldn’t even play games to pass the time. So it got to the point where I frustratingly decided to just get up.

Obviously, it is absolutely freezing at 4 o’clock in the morning, even if you are wearing a big fluffy dressing gown, and my central heating is no miracle worker so I wanted some way of keeping myself warm…..”it gets nice and warm in the kitchen if the oven is on, maybe I should bake something”, I thought to myself.

So here we are – Cinnamon Cupcakes, also known as Snickerdoodle Cupcakes apparently. I didn’t have a clue what that was until I googled it.

Because I was mostly making this up as I went along and wasn’t following any particular recipe, I used my trusty Classic Cupcake recipe with a big teaspoon of cinnamon added to it to make the sponge. I had no idea if that would be too much/not enough cinnamon but it worked out fine (I only made 5 cupcakes so for a normal sized batch I would add more than 1tsp cinnamon). The buttercream is a basic vanilla buttercream which I then sprinkled some cinnamon sugar over once I had piped it onto the cupcakes.

A very simple but very delicious cupcake.

cinnamon cupcakes


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