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A Little More Quilling

I have really shocked myself by how well I am getting on with paper quilling and how much I enjoy it. The amount of time it takes to make anything, and the fiddliness of it all…just the thought makes me squirm with impatience. But when I actually sit down and get to it, none of that enters my mind and the hours just slip by. I love it.

After my first paper quilling attempts (where I created the outline of the letters and then filled them in) I went looking for more inspiration and what else can be done. I came across many amazing things (portraits, for example!) but my skills aren’t anywhere near the level to attempt something too adventurous, so I opted for another style I came across which is to have the outline of the letters surrounded by another design.

paper quilling

At first I thought I’d do my name, but that has an “R” in it and I didn’t quite feel up to trying to create the outline of that letter, so I opted for a word with much more simple letter shapes – “HELLO”.

It still took me 3 hours to do that outline, however. I thought it looked okay and so continued with the rest, which I made up as I went along. Which I now regret. A lesson I should have learnt after my initial paper quilling experience.

I like the top half. I think it has a nice flow to it. But I don’t like the red and pink section at all, and dammit if the glue included in the kit wasn’t so amazing I would have peeled that section off. But as it stands, I can’t. Trying to remove that bit would more than likely destroy the whole thing, so I’ve had to leave it as is.

paper quilling


One comment on “A Little More Quilling

  1. Nicki B
    January 13, 2014

    Absolutely beautiful work Lauren! Thanks for sharing.
    Nicki B

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