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The Mosaic Is Complete!

hub on the green mosaic

After 8 weeks in the making (8 weeks! I can’t quite believe that) the Hub Mosaic has been completed! And it was just in time for The Hub On The Green’s Cake And Craft fair last weekend, where it had its first public outing. I received lots of lovely compliments about it, and as it has been positioned right next to the front door it feels quite satisfying knowing that everyone who visits The Hub gets to glimpse my hard work (I say hard work, but clearly if it took me 8 weeks I wasn’t working that hard!).

I have many, many fond memories of working on the mosaic and they always spring back to me every time I see it. Like the day I smashed a talking Star Wars mug and hid Yoda in the tree. Or the day we went to Hospiscare and ended up with a car full of broken cups and plates to take away, and a perfectly lovely teapot that we didn’t have the heart to smash.

hub on the green mosaic

I’ll miss working on it. It really made time fly (which for me is always a good thing) but mostly it was always fun, and weirdly relaxing. Especially Tuesday mornings when I got to listen to the choir whilst I beavered away!

It has been a very rewarding project on many levels, and I am extremely grateful to Joey for originally getting me involved.

hub on the green mosaic


2 comments on “The Mosaic Is Complete!

  1. Noblet
    December 10, 2012

    lovely piece of work Logs

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