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Exeter Baking Club’s Big Bake In

On Wednesday members of the Exeter Baking Club got together at The Hub On The Green for a busy afternoon of baking. We do not normally bake at The Hub (we bake at home for meetings normally) but this was a special occasion. We were supplying the cakes for a Congo Calling event being held at St Stephen’s Church the next evening.

I am extremely grateful to those who came along and spent a whopping 4 hours baking with us! You were absolute stars and I am very happy to report that everyone was thrilled with our spread of goodies and I have received many heartfelt thanks (and hugs!) for our efforts.


Hopefully we can continue to do similar things in the future but for now we are back to normal with our next meeting which will be on 12th December and will have a Christmas theme. It will be our last meeting of the year so it would be really great to see everyone there and we can have a bit of a celebration!


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