Through The Magic Door

Distractions aplenty

The Mosaic Project

I’ve been kind of a stressed, emotional wreck recently. And as a result I have been desperately trying to keep myself constantly busy and distracted.

At first, I locked myself at home and played a lot of the classic game Super Mario World. That is until I became stuck, increasingly impatient, and then gave up.

Then, somehow or other, I became involved in the making of a mosaic for The Hub On The Green (the lovely venue of Exeter Baking Club). I don’t actually remember the conversations that led to the decision for us to make one, or to my direct involvement, but last Thursday we got started. And my desperate attempts to spend my time avoiding all the stressful things that come with moving house has lent itself very well to the project! Our makeshift studio in The Hub basement has become my home away from home!

Day one was very satisfying indeed. Lots of dropping and stamping on plates. The sound of a plate smashing, when on purpose, is very pleasing indeed. We tried our hand at delicately trying to break things using the tile cutters, but that did not last very long.


After a couple of days the design started to appear more clearly out of the random assortment of pieces. The sky came together really nicely but I had a little bit of a falling out with a pesky owl.

It took two days to then glue down all the arranged pieces and I am now brainstorming how in the world to create two people to go on the right hand side!


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