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Exeter Baking Club – 5th September

Today, inspired by The Great British Bake Off, Exeter Baking Club held a Bread themed meeting! It was a raging success if I may say so myself.

We also had some fun attempting to make 8 strand plaits, and I can tell you now that it is not as easy as the “Silver Fox” Paul Hollywood likes to make out. We did not have much success. Laughs, but not success. We were only trying to get the technique right so we were practicing with string, shoe laces, and fondant too but none of us had much luck. Some members have vowed to tackle the 8 strand again, and I look forward to seeing those results!

More photos from today’s meeting can be found on Facebook. The next Exeter Baking Club meeting will be on Wednesday 19th September and the theme is Chocolate! For more info  you can follow EBC on Facebook, Twitter, or check out the page on this site.


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