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London Film And Comic Convention

Yesterday I attended the London Film And Comic Convention (LFCC), held at Olympia and it was a day of massive ups and downs.

After a random chain of events a few months ago I discovered that Gillian Anderson would be appearing at LFCC! Anyone who knows me knows how much of a part of my life The X Files is and that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go and meet her.

As the months went by and the date got closer, I also discovered that Mitch Pileggi (Skinner) and Nicholas Lea (Krycek) would also be appearing at LFCC. It was just getting better and better.

Finally the day arrived and it was an early start for the 06:30am train to London. But unfortunately this is when the trouble began.

Rain, rain, and more rain. So much rain there was flooding and a landslide on the train line! I was stranded. We had gone 30 miles in 3 hours. I was already meant to be at LFCC by now!! This fact lead to a few tears being shed.

Several more hours later and I finally arrived! A whole 5 hours late. I was fairly distraught. I’d missed an X Files talk with Mitch and Nicholas and was now panicking I’d missed my chance at meeting them and Gillian.

Luckily that didn’t happen. I got to meet and get autographs from the 3 people I really wanted to (fairly late in the day, mind you) and I didn’t miss the Gillian Anderson Q&A either. Given more time there were a few other people I would have liked to have met (Hayden PanettiereAnthony Head, Tom Skerritt) but given the mornings travel troubles I was happy to have walked away with anything.

Mitch Pileggi was lovely and friendly, as was Nicholas Lea (who let me have a photo with him which I was very happy about as most guests didn’t allow it). You could tell they were pretty tired though by this time in the day. Can you imagine sitting and signing you name over and over for 10 hours a day? I did feel a little sorry for them all. Hayden Panettiere especially as she was getting a lot of fuss from over-the-top 40-year-old men which felt kind of inappropriate and was painful to witness.

Proof it actually happened!

When the time came to finally meet Gillian I was incredibly excited. I had gotten a picture from the very first X Files episode printed for her to sign and it ended up being a great decision. I had a wonderful little conversation with her about it (I think it was a surprise for her to see it as most people were just getting the promo photos signed that they were handing out) and she had a little giggle when she saw my Mulder It’s Me t-shirt to. It was an incredible few minutes and ones I will never forget.

During Q&A (photo via google images/tumblr)


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