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Picking Up Old Hobbies

I am not a fan of Sundays. They always feel long and boring, and I seem to spend the entire day constantly searching for something to do. Today is such a Sunday. But today I actually thought of something to do!

A couple of weeks ago, the word “doodle” was mentioned several times in several different conversations I had with people. I like to doodle (as this previous post showed), I also like to draw, and those conversations reminded me that it has been several years since I did any real drawing. So I decided that today would be the day I get back to it.

I dug out the box of soft pastels from the bottom of the cupboard, grabbed a few sheets of paper and settled in.

A couple of hours later and here I am, with 2 drawings I am pretty pleased with (considering I haven’t attempted anything like this since around 2008!). May I introduce you to David Lynch and Patricia Arquette (iPod photographs, not the best quality)…


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