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Exeter Baking Club 13th June Meeting

Today held in store another Exeter Baking Club meeting (our third in total)! The theme for this week was Recipe Swap Challenge. At the previous meeting I had asked everyone to bring along a spare recipe, which I then shuffled together and handed out, and so this week you had to make whatever recipe you were given. And I think it is fair to say that the whole thing had its ups and downs! A few people had problems (me included) but others seemed to shine. A big congratulations to Bake Of The Week winner Geraldine (again!) for her Norwegian Apple Cake! The recipe for which was featured on this blog last summer and can be found here.

Today we were also learning how to make fondant roses! I think we all came up with something surprisingly acceptable! It was difficult to get the size and delicacy of the petals right but with a bit more time we all would have come up trumps. I think rose of the week was awarded to Joey after a Rose Off with Luke!

Our next meeting is 27th June and the theme is Free From. More details and more photos from todays meeting can be found on Facebook.


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