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Easter Cupcakes!

Today, The Hub On The Green held another Cake and Craft Fair and I couldn’t resist baking for the occasion. And as it is getting close to Easter, the baking obviously had to be themed.

Last year my Easter themed baking (of Creme Egg Cupcakes and Hot Cross Muffins) went down well with family, so this year I had something to live up to.

I’d been thinking of what to bake for a few weeks and decided on a couple of things. I would finally try to master the art of the chocolate cupcake (I have been disappointed with previous attempts) and also bake a classic cupcake but with Easter decorations, the ideas for which I’d been mulling over for a while.

The Triple Chocolate Cupcakes turned out surprisingly tasty. I couldn’t decide on any particular recipe so made one up myself that used melted dark chocolate in the cake batter and lots of melted chocolate in the buttercream too. The problems I have had in the past with chocolate cupcakes is that I think they taste too much of cocoa powder and not enough of real chocolate. I did not have that problem with these guys. The recipe probably needs a bit of tweaking but I was generally pleased.

The Easter Chick Cupcakes were definitely my favourite. I was thrilled with how the little chocolate baskets came out (I was worried they would fall apart) and of course, my classic cupcake recipe never lets me down! If you would like to order any Easter Chick Cupcakes then please get in touch!


2 comments on “Easter Cupcakes!

  1. Karen Gentry
    March 31, 2012

    So cute! Looks delish!

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