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A Cupcakes’ First Outing

Saturday was the first public outing for any of my baked goodies.

Up until this point my cakes have only been eaten by family and a small number of friends. This is mainly due to everyone I know living hundreds of miles away and cupcakes don’t take kindly to such a trip in the hands of Royal Mail. But I’ve been living in Exeter for 6 years now and it is about time I get myself (and my cupcakes) out there and into the world.

So when I stumbled across the wonderful Hub On The Green and their Cake and Craft Fair, I knew I had to get over my nerves and go for it. I got in touch via Twitter and offered to provide some cake for the fair, and was honoured that they accepted.

Saturday morning saw me busy baking cupcakes, muffins, and banana bread. I couldn’t make my mind up and pick just one! When everything was ready just before midday, I wandered down the road (living in the city centre does have its up-sides) to drop everything off.

I was greeted by a myriad of colourful, beautifully handmade delights, only matched by the warmth with which my baked goodies were received. The wonderful response and amount of positive feedback about the cakes and this blog was really overwhelming and made everything feel worthwhile.

Thank you to Joey for taking and letting me use the picture 🙂

After talking to the various stall holders and witnessing their passion as they spoke about the wonderful things they create, it made me realise that I would love to one day be able to create a living from the things that I make. But at least up until that point, to try to share my creativity with as many people as possible.

The beautiful glass dish I bought from one of the stalls


2 comments on “A Cupcakes’ First Outing

  1. Penny Ritson
    March 5, 2012

    I loved your muffins – and banana bread – thank you. I hope you will be baking again for the next craft fair!

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