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Whilst recently attending the beautiful wedding of a beautiful friend it occurred to me that there would be no better opportunity to kick-start my 2012 baking than to have fun creating a little something to celebrate the happy couple. Unfortunately, as they live several hundred miles away and wont get to actually sample these goodies, I am hoping that these pictures and this post will do the sentiment justice.

The idea originally appealed to me even more when I realised that it would be my first chance to put the new silicone cupcake moulds that I received for christmas to good use. I didn’t like to think about them having been abandoned in the kitchen cupboard for over a month. But as it turned out, the first batch of cupcakes I made using the new moulds were not up to scratch so I stuck to paper cases on the second attempt.

This would also be my very first go at making any kind of themed cupcake, so I am hoping that I have conveyed the wedding/celebration theme convincingly.

To the happy couple!
Love to you both,
Moo xx

(the recipe for these strawberry and vanilla cupcakes can be found here)


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