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Updated Shortbread Recipe

Earlier this year I posted a Sweet Treat Sunday recipe for Shortbread.  If you go back and read that post you will see that my inspiration for baking it was the television series Baking Made Easy. The recipe on that programme called for the use of rice flour, which at the time I couldn’t find anywhere. So I adapted the recipe to use only plain flour and it worked out pretty mouth-wateringly well.

Since then however, I have managed to find the allusive rice flour and have since been making all my shortbread using the original Baking Made Easy recipe. And I do think it adds that something teeny bit extra special to the biscuits.

Click here to view a step by step video.


130g unsalted butter
60g caster sugar
130g plain flour
60g rice flour
pinch of salt

  • Cream the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy
  • Add in the plain flour, rice flour and salt and stir thoroughly until the mixture is smooth and uniform
  • Bring all the mixture together and then press into an 8 inch round cake tin and flatten with the back of a spoon
  • Score into 8 pieces and prick each piece a couple of times with a fork
  • Pop into the fridge for about half an hour
  • Bake at 170°C for about 35 minutes until a pale golden brown
  • Sprinkle a little bit of caster sugar over the top and leave to cool in the tin for a few minutes before transferring to a wire rack


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