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Another Glimpse Of That Hand Painted Vase

Whilst recently attempting to bring some order to this blog by sorting all posts into categories, I came across the original photos of the circular vase I painted last year. The vase still sits proudly on the coffee table, throwing its mosaic of colours across the room each evening when I light the candle. But sadly, the photographs I have previously taken do not show this off effectively.

So last night I decided to try again and capture the vase in all its glory.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find my tripod so it was somewhat difficult to get a picture at all but one or two of them turned out just about acceptable.

When I first finished painting the vase I wasn’t too pleased with it, the home-made qualities of it upset me. The perfectionist in me didn’t like the slightly wobbly lines, the uneven colour tones and the odd smudge here and there. They were all glaring faults that screamed at me whenever I looked at it. But now, after almost a year of having to look at it every evening I think I can finally say I am proud of it. It was my very first attempt at this kind of thing and the so-called “faults” just make it all the more individual.


2 comments on “Another Glimpse Of That Hand Painted Vase

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    May 10, 2011

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    May 24, 2011

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