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Hand Painted Tea Light Holder

I think it is definitely about time I provided photographic evidence of the tea light holders I painted for Christmas! I made eight in total and it was a mammoth task! I was very glad to have made myself practice on a spare jar before starting on the final product as some areas were very tricky – painting around the corners for example. I wasn’t thrilled with how those sections ended up anyway but it was the best I could manage in the time frame. It was also extremely helpful to get practice using the liners. At first my hand was unsteady and the outline wobbly but the more I used them the easier it became. The final couple of jars were a breeze! Colouring each “tile” is what took the most time – allowing each one to dry before being able to move on (I didn’t want to risk any running between the colours). I got a nice little production line going though which sped up the process no end!

Anyway, after 2 months hard work here is what I ended up with –
(many thanks to Mike for taking the photo!)


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