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Crafty Christmas Presents

Apologies for this somewhat late Christmas-related post but as I was actually giving the following items as Christmas presents to people I could hardly write and post pictures before having handed over the gift! But now that the festive period has come to an end I am free to show them off. Well, almost. But I’ll come to that issue in a moment.

As you have probably guessed from the picture, I attempted to make homemade chocolates as gifts this year. I had been toing and froing with the idea for months but thought the best time to try it would be around the holidays. I spent many an afternoon coming up with various flavours to try and in the end settled on 5 different ones. They were – dark chocolate and raisin, white chocolate and cranberry, milk chocolate and hazelnut, milk chocolate coated in white chocolate and milk chocolate with biscuit.

I bought two differently shaped silicone chocolate moulds from Lakeland and set to it. I did a few trial runs, trying out the raisin and the biscuit ones. I was concerned about how the dried fruit would settle in the chocolate and whether it would come out looking as aesthetically pleasing as I was imagining and hoping for. The biscuit chocolate caused a few minor problems as the plan was to have a layer of biscuit in the middle of the chocolate rather than just crumbs sprinkled throughout and on my first attempt the chocolate wasn’t strong enough to hold together and the bar simply broke in two. In the end I had to put another coat of chocolate all the way around once the bar had come out of the mould. It wasn’t too difficult but it made me glad I did a trial run!

Once finished the chocolates were divided out and put into pretty presentation bags which I tied with ribbon. The Other Half then helped me to come up with a label for them and that went on too. This is what it said – “These few chocolates made for thee, a christmas treat handmade by me. Find these treats full of good cheer, but be sure to eat before new year.” We thought it was a funny little touch and made the gift all that more individual.

Now, as well as the chocolates I gave everyone a hand painted vase, with a little tea light in. I spent almost a month painting them every night (it took much longer than expected!) and came wrapped with the chocolates inside. But it seems that my brain wasn’t functioning correctly when I was taking photos before everything got wrapped as I forgot to take any of the vases. So I’m afraid all you get is a description; they were small square kilner jars that I painted a mosaic design on and coloured red, blue, green and yellow. It would have sounded more impressive accompanied by a picture I’m sure.

Anyway, I think everyone was very pleased with their chocolates and I will definitely be making more in the future!


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