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Cookies and Cake

Remember those sumptuous pictures I promised to post before I go and sleep in a field for the weekend? Well here they are:

Marble Cake



I’ve made the Marble Cake many times before and it’s always a hit with the family. Annoyingly I ran out of butter so this one comes without the usual chocolate-buttercream topping. The Chocolate Chip Cookies are an absolute triumph (the photo doesn’t really do them justice)! I’ve tried making cookies a couple of times before this and they haven’t come out quite right so I’m pretty pleased with myself about these guys, although some of them did get rather stuck to the baking tray and fell apart when I tried to remove them…no worries though obviously, I just gobbled up the crumbs as I went along! Unfortunately I don’t have time to write the recipe up today so I’ll do it when I get back next week.

Anyway, I need to go and check the weather reports and pray it’s not going to rain over the weekend. Camping + Rain = Not Much Fun.


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